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Our Firm Creates Lasting Wills And Preserves Our Clients’ Wishes

Last wills and testaments traditionally form the core of an estate plan. Through a properly executed last will and testament, you can designate who you want your assets to pass to and who you want to be in charge of the administration of your estate. Another benefit of a will is that you can waive the requirement that your estate administrator post a bond, thus saving your estate the cost of the bond premium. A will can also designate who should be your minor children’s guardian in the event of your death or set up a trust for minors or disabled beneficiaries.

Located in the historic Willamette District of West Linn, offers personalized service from a comfortable converted Victorian home. Our founding lawyer, Dean C. Werst, has been helping clients in the Portland Metropolitan area with estate planning and probate issues for more than 35 years. Combined with the proven experience of attorney David Mitchell, our firm provides invaluable guidance to help you avoid mistakes or future conflicts between family members.

We Assist With Initial Creation To Periodic Review

Our lawyer is available to assist with the following:

  • Drafting and execution of a will valid under Oregon State Law
  • Drafting revocable living trusts, deeds transferring real estate to trusts, certifications of trust, funding letters, instructions to trustees, assignments of personal property and business interests
  • Drafting durable powers of attorney, advance directives, nominations of guardian and conservator, and authorizations for the release of protected health care information
  • Reviewing existing will, trusts, and estate plans and modifying or updating them as needed

When is it a good time to review your will? It is a good idea to review your will and estate plan after any significant life change such as a divorce, re-marriage, death of a loved one, purchase or sale of valuable property, or a move to another state. A periodic consultation is another good way to ensure continued relevancy of your estate plan. We recommend reviewing your estate plan every 2-5 years.

Now Is The Time To Get Started

There is no way of anticipating the unexpected. A sudden illness, auto accident or any other unfortunate event can occur at any time. Planning ahead and early is always the safest bet.

While a will is a good start to an estate plan, you may also want to consider completing other estate planning documents as well. We offer typical estate planning packages at reasonable rates. Our typical nontrust estate planning package includes the following:

  • Last will and testament and affidavit of attesting witnesses
  • Durable power of attorney
  • Nomination of guardian and conservator
  • Advance directive
  • Authorization for the release of protected health care Information

Parents Can Put Their Worries At Ease

As a parent, nothing is more important than the safety and security of your children. Just knowing that your estate is in order can provide a tremendous sense of security for parents, especially parents with young children. An effective estate plan for parents of minor children includes provisions concerning the desired care of your children in the event of your death or disability as well as the desired care and transfer of your assets. We often draft estate plans where children are not given their full distribution until their mid-twenties so as to give them time to mature and develop before giving them control over substantial funds.

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