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An Advance Directive Gives You A Voice

Typically, people think that creating an estate plan consists entirely of planning for the disposition of your assets after your death. However, there is another critical aspect of estate planning — incapacity planning.

Who would you want to care for your person and manage your assets if you were unable to do so? What many consider as unlikely or impossible events may strike at any moment. A tragic auto accident or a serious illness may strike at any time, and you would want a plan in place to deal with these eventualities.

You Can Have Faith In Our Experience And Service

At the , our attorney has over 50 years of experience helping families in West Linn and the greater Portland metropolitan area deal with lack of capacity and diminished capacity issued. From our comfortable office in a Victorian heritage home in the Willamette District of West Linn, we can offer you individualized, personalized and compassionate legal advice and services.

You Can Prevent Disagreements And Provide Clarity

By now, you have probably heard stories of family conflicts that arise when a loved one is on life support and family members cannot agree on what is the best course of treatment. Should life-support be cut off or should a family member be required to live on life support for the next several months — or years? This is exactly the type of conflict, which can be avoided through the use of an advance directive.

An Oregon advance directive allows you to appoint a health care representative to make a medical decision if you are incapacitated due to a sudden accident or illness. A durable power of attorney is another legal document that appoints someone to make financial decisions on your behalf. With progressive diseases like Alzheimer’s disease or dementia, an advance directive and durable power of attorney can also avoid the need for a guardianship hearing.

You Need A Plan In Place Now. Make Your Wishes Known.

With some advance planning you can ensure and eliminate some issues for loved ones who may be caught off guard when something happens to you. Our lawyer can help you complete a durable power of attorney and an advance directive that accomplishes your goals.

Our consultations are affordable, and we are able to meet with you at our office or your home. To schedule a time to speak with an attorney at our firm, please call 503-342-2389 or send us a message.